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Don's Trailer Sales started in Skowhegan in 1969. Don had never finished middle school and went right to work at the IGA where he helped provide for his parents and large family. He worked there throughout his younger years. He married Ellen (Chase) Carpentier and had 4 daughters, Kim, Paula, Renee' and Michelle. Ellen was the love of his life and they worked hand in hand, side by side to make this dream into a business! Renee' was 7 when he opened the doors of Don's Trailer Sales! Don's was the biggest Wilderness dealership in New England! Don believed if you did your best and treated everyone fairly his business would succeed, we still hold those important values as our foundation.


Skip to 1982 Rod & Renee were dating and Rod started working on and off for Don. Rod & Renee' were married in 1984. Rod has always had a passion for dirt bikes so the next few years led him to dirt bike sales & service. As Don was getting closer to retirement Rod moved his dirt bike business to Don's Trailer Sales and took on tent trailers to dip his toes in the water.

In July 1998 Don passed unexpectedly. The family was heartbroken and Ellen couldn't imagine continuing on in the business without him. Rod & Renee' then bought the business and changed the name to Rod's Cycle & RV. Rod & Renee' have 2 beautiful children and 4 grandchildren. Here in 2024 Rod & Renee' are still running the business.


If you ever got the pleasure to, meet Don, you can't forget him! His heart was as big as he was, everyone still speaks so highly of him. He was honest, fair, loving, and filled with integrity. We strive every day to live up to his standards and continue to honor his legacy.


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